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Welcome  as  part  of  the  structuring  and  expansion  of  our  activities !

THI.Group is a better asset in investments, financing, and development of luxury real estate projects globally. We are one of the leading real estate and management companies on the market, offering a full range of turnkey services related to the ownership of luxury villas and other types of commercial and residential properties. THI.Group aims to give owners a stress-free property experience. Our management solution covers all aspects of ownership in the European Union and the United States of America.

Our Architecture & Engineering

THI.Group provides structural engineering services for residential single-family and townhouse projects of all sizes. We provide reasonably priced service to help smaller “blue-collar” residential additions on a tight budget. However, we have enough knowledge and experience in our field to provide quality service to our custom home division within our office. Our goal is customer satisfaction, and THI.Group is committed to working with our clients to provide cost-effective engineering services with exceptional results.

For our clients, regardless of the size of the residential project, we have the expertise to provide the best and most efficient solutions for new homes, home additions, renovation, and remodeling projects. We can offer a complete solution from design and computer drafting to entire agency approvals, working with architects, builders, and homeowners as needed to make your dreams a reality!

THI.Group has extensive experience with home improvement projects involving older residential structures – some over 70 years old – and develops effective and sustainable structural design and drafting for your construction or renovation project. We provide structural engineering design, drafting, and analysis services.

Custom Residences

THI.Group is a multi-disciplined, full-service structural engineering firm devoted to providing our clients with the best quality work. We have been one of the leading Design&Drafting firms. Our company looks forward to many more years of continuing to build our reputation for excellence.

We strongly focus on the design aspects of design and structural engineering by Marcxell Construction (USA) and Sertico Engineering (USA).

Home additions and interior renovations
Structural calculations and overstriking
Foundation stabilizations and lifts
Retaining walls
Exterior decks and patios
Seismic retrofit of retaining walls and weak anchors
To Live in the Exception

THI.Group has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of successful asset management, advanced technology, and effective management solutions to offer our clients complete transparency and peace of mind.

We offer par excellence, modern, individual and luxurious architecture and a complete turnkey luxury subdivision solution, including unique and be sized villas, and not limited to. Our company carries out investments and real estate development projects all over the world.

THI.Group represents a guarantee of the habitat of the future.


THI.Group (The Home Investment Group) was founded in Hamburg (Germany) by cooperation between two skilled professionals linked by a friendship Mr. Olaf Schmid and Mr. John Kamin Marcxell. The main goal is to introduce a partnership model by real-estate promotion and investment company based in Germany and a development and financial group from the United States of America. THI.Group has mainly responded to the development management investments of luxury housing estates in several countries. Since then, the company has grown and is currently helping foreigners to buy luxury residential properties. THI.Group operates in the European Union and North America. We speak English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and soon Chinese.

John  Kamin  Marcxell
Founder  &  CEO

John Kamin Marcxell is a civil engineer and has over 23 years of experience in business management. He is the President and CEO of the Marcxell Group, a world-known group of companies based in the United States. Mr. Marcxell is a brilliant technician and thinker with his expertise ranging from engineering to real estate development.

John Kamin Marcxell is originally from France. He is competent and experienced in the energy, investment, and real estate sectors: various advisory and consultancy mandates and CEO positions.

Mr. Marcxell holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the Institut supérieur des technologies appliquées (ISTA); Engineering from the Higher Institute of Applied Technologies (ISTA), and holds a degree in Financial Engineering, an elite program in France in the field of business and financial management in the world.

Olaf  Schmid
Founder  &  Managing Director

Olaf Schmid has extensive experience and competence in corporate functions. Mr. Schmid is an outstanding specialist in financial management and real estate investment banking in the European Union. He is a German national who leads a team of multilingual employees, including locals and expatriates.

Mr. Schmid oversees and monitors all of the company’s budgetary procedures: budget forecasts, financing plans, general accounting (cash flow and receivables). He draws up the various balance sheets, ensures that the company’s expenses align with its performance objectives, and respects the financial balances essential to good financial health.

Olaf Schmid also validates the contracts issued by the company and keeps a constant watch on legislation. Mr. Schmid represents THI.Group during negotiations with banks.

This link of skills uniting financial management, engineering, construction, architecture, and marketing is vital in administering this cooperation. The conception of this union is to return power to the habitat. Achieve a unique design of luxury villas and the most ecologically modern. Two attributes of know-how: German culture by its determination and Franco-American culture by the power of realization.

Services Offered
Real Estate Development
Property Management
Short-term Homeownership
Investment Financing
Out-of-plan Purchases
Portfolio Administration
Sales & Marketing
Home Insurance
Mortgage Advice
Areas   Served

THI.Group serves all European Union and North American areas with offices located in Miami (United States) and Hamburg (Germany).


THI.Group is an equity investment company for real estate projects. We support territorial and international players in the development and deployment of their future projects. In the exercise of our know-how, our mission of general interest, and as a private actor, THI.Group contributes to creating a sustainable living environment and benefit of all, promoting economic development and social and ecological cohesion of territories in the long term. Our financing depends on the responsiveness of each operation and project.

Types of Properties

Luxury residential properties in the United States as well as high-end luxury apartments in Germany. THI.Group will help you buy, sell and rent your commercial and residential properties anywhere in the world. Villas, townhouses, apartments, vacation homes, commercial offices, retail spaces, and plots.

Cassandra Soto
General Manager,
THI.Group Mexico

In Mexico, THI.Group invests in the land on the edge of the beaches for a realization of luxury housing estates with dream villas. Our purchases of land (70.000m² – 150.000m²) of the subdivision are generally organized by local agents and the project management with the management of THI.Group in cooperation with our local subcontractors. The projects are very high-end on dream locations: Sea, Sun, Beach, and the beauty of Mexico.

THI.Group is a developer and financial management company in luxury real estate. Our company is considered a market leader and carrying out the highest number of projects, ranking among the most efficient in constructing prestigious housing estates with unparalleled luxury. We work with several major real estate developers and megaprojects, acting as partners and prime contractors.

THI.Group is a part of Marcxell Group (USA), one of the world’s largest real estate developers in several areas. Our architects, engineers, and master contractors are always at your side to define and exalt your dream. We will carry out the works by being the leading contracting authority.

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To Live in the Exception