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Project Management

THI.Group cannot stress enough the importance of selecting the right contractor. Choosing your contractor means selecting the team that will be in your home/business or that of your client or loved one. You are trusting them to turn this location into an accessible masterpiece. Project management is just as important, if not more important, than bid coordination. Having an experienced team to manage all aspects of your project can become your ace in the hole. That’s why bid coordination is also included in our project management service.

Having your bid coordinator as your project manager means you have the same team working with you, as well as for you, from start to finish. A project manager will coordinate all scheduling, assist you or the client with product selection such as paint colors, floor samples, and accessible equipment needed in your home. Project managers will be there to resolve any unforeseen situations that may arise during the project. THI.Group will ensure that the needs of the client are always a top priority. Our company puts forth great effort to ensure that the project is completed promptly and that all aspects of the scope of work have been performed and perfected to the client’s satisfaction.


Before beginning a project, it’s essential to know the many steps involved to secure the best outcome. From the initial assessment to helping you select the right team for the job, THI.Group will manage all aspects. We work with the most qualified professional contractors and take accessibility with the highest priority. Our contractors go through very intense background checks and have the highest standards in customer care. When it comes to the safety and accessibility your location needs, we are here for you.


Remodeling your home can become stressful, and remodeling your home for accessibility can make you feel very overwhelmed. Look no further. THI.Group specializes in making your life peaceful during this time. We recommend you start with a home assessment. It will lay out the plan from start to finish based on your specific needs.


Commercial buildings following the compliance must be flawless. There is no room for error. Let THI.Group take that pressure off of you with our team of Accessibility Specialists. We are ready and able to serve you.

We think that the most significant difference between us here at THI.Group and other companies is that we provide impeccable professionalism combined with many years of experience, ensuring our clients enjoy the best possible results. Our company has expertise in every step of the process, from design and drafting to modeling and construction. We can provide a complete experience or step in for just one aspect of the process with the same high quality of work.

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Types of Properties

Luxury residential properties in the United States as well as high-end luxury apartments in Germany. THI.Group will help you buy, sell and rent your commercial and residential properties anywhere in the world. Villas, townhouses, apartments, vacation homes, commercial offices, retail spaces, and plots.

THI.Group is a full-service Design&Drafting as well as structural engineering company, bringing expertise and quality to your project. We empower and assist you, the client, to design your project and make the best use and function for your space and financial capacity. THI.Group has extensive experience in the specialized area of structural design for tenant improvement projects. Tenant improvements require close attention to delicate interior details and constructability. In commercial buildings, tenants often require the facility to function in a new way. Our company provides code-compliant designs to enhance the tenant’s essential building function.

Marcxell Investment has the expertise to implement real estate “special funds” through our company THI.Group in a professional and timely manner. The current focus is on residential, commercial, and food use types. The permanent dialogue with investors is the central key to the design of the fund strategies.

To date, Marcxell Investment has issued three special funds in the residential segment, one special fund in the commercial section (development of a golf resort in Germany), and a special investment fund in Serbia.

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