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Our Engineering & Architecture

THI.Group provides structural engineering services for residential single-family and townhouse projects of all sizes. We provide reasonably priced service to help smaller “blue-collar” residential additions on a tight budget. However, we have enough knowledge and experience in our field to provide quality service to our custom home division within our office. Our goal is customer satisfaction, and THI.Group is committed to working with our clients to provide cost-effective engineering services with exceptional results.

For our clients, regardless of the size of the residential project, we have the expertise to provide the best and most efficient solutions for new homes, home additions, renovation, and remodeling projects. We can offer a complete solution from design and computer drafting to entire agency approvals, working with architects, builders, and homeowners as needed to make your dreams a reality!

THI.Group has extensive experience with home improvement projects involving older residential structures – some over 70 years old – and develops effective and sustainable structural design and drafting for your construction or renovation project. We provide structural engineering design, drafting, and analysis services.

CustomĀ  Residences

THI.Group is a multi-disciplined, full-service structural engineering firm devoted to providing our clients with the best quality work. We have been one of the leading Design&Drafting firms. Our company looks forward to many more years of continuing to build our reputation for excellence.

We strongly focus on the design aspects of design and structural engineering by Marcxell Construction (USA) and Sertico Engineering (USA).

Home additions and interior renovations
Structural calculations and overstriking
Foundation stabilizations and lifts
Retaining walls
Exterior decks and patios
Seismic retrofit of retaining walls and weak anchors

THI.Group works to make sure that every building we create is not only structurally sound and good work or living space, but that form follows function to a building that is as much an aesthetic statement as it is a place for people to work or live. We have produced structures in a wide variety of styles, which you can find all over and throughout the country.

Our company takes pride in guiding our clients through every aspect of the building process, from needs assessment and site analysis, through design, to construction. THI.Group believes that the best way to be confident of a great result is through continuous and active collaboration with our clients. We start with your vision for what you need to build and work with you every step of the way to ensure that the final product is something that we can all be happy with. You can see the final results of this process in our completed projects throughout.

THI.Group also works with the preservation and restoration of buildings, seismic retrofits, structural inspections, site analysis, structural observations, and reconstruction of collapsed or beautification of deteriorated structures. Our goal is to help our clients through the process of constructing a home that they can be proud of. If you dream of creating a new building anywhere in the world, make an appointment with us today to talk it through. We would be delighted to help you make your dreams a reality.

Complete Experience

THI.Group is the subsidiary company of Marcxell Group that can accommodate all your structural engineering needs. Our design department does both our in-house and outsourced work for various contractors and construction companies, and you can trust that our team has the experience and expertise to get the job done right. THI.Group is the premier provider of structural engineering services.

Meet with your firm or family to establish a Design&Drafting program outlining the physical needs of the building as well as the aesthetic design criteria;

Discuss with Building and Safety Departments to investigate site related issues;

Develop a Design&Drafting concept to tie in the new structure with the existing building, including the renovation of the existing building to create a transition from the old to the new;

Establish the basic Design&Drafting and engineering (A/E) design criteria, including site, design, interiors, structure, and mechanical/electrical/plumbing;

Perform necessary schematic drafting and engineering analyses and develop a schematic design concept to meet the stated project objectives.

Perform necessary Design&Drafting and engineering analyses to develop the preliminary design concept for Owner Design Approval;

Issue Design Development (DD) drawings to include a site plan, floor and roof plans, building elevations, necessary sections, structural framing, and foundation plans;

Perform door, window, color, material finishing selection for your approval;

Attend meetings, as necessary, with you and other involved parties to coordinate project-related issues.

Perform final A/E design analysis and prepare calculations suitable for City plan check submittal;

Provide door, window, interior, finishing, hardware, and parts specifications;

Plan Check and Permitting - Departmental Approvals;

Upon your approval of the final construction documents, submit three sets to the Department of Building and Safety for plan check approval and construction permit;

Response to plan check review comments and revise the construction documents accordingly until the permit is obtained;

Courier plans for the Department of Building and Safety, plan check pick-up and drop-off.

Meet with the hired construction company on-site to review and clarify the scope of work and set target schedule of start dates, milestones, and end dates;

Our specialists to be on-site as necessary for significant intervals of construction for administration and report structural observations by an engineer of record;

Schedule and obtain necessary inspections by the local city/county building department for final approval and clearances;

We follow a step-by-step design flow chart. You can safely assume that our company will handle your project in an accurate and well-organized manner.

Structures of any age are subject over time to weather conditions, ground shifting, component warping, and more;

Our structural engineering inspection service offers an inspection of the structural components of your home. Our structural inspectors are licensed, professional engineers. All structural engineering reports will include site findings, analysis, and conclusions with recommendations for repairs;

In addition to a structural inspection, we can provide a complete home inspection, which does include all the major systems in a home;

The Department of General Services (DGS) require Seismic Independent Review Reports to determine Structural Performance Levels (ASCE41);

Broker and Loan Market: To verify structural defects exist or have been fixed before the funding of loans.

We think that the most significant difference between us here at THI.Group and other companies is that we provide impeccable professionalism combined with many years of experience, ensuring our clients enjoy the best possible results. Our company has expertise in every step of the process, from design and drafting to modeling and construction. We can provide a complete experience or step in for just one aspect of the process with the same high quality of work.

Engineering Services
Design and Structural Engineering
Construction Services, Management, and Observations
Building Inspections and Certifications
Drafted Blueprint Plans: Civil Grading and Structural
Quality Service at Competitive Pricing
Self-Storage Structural Engineering
As-Built drawings and Code Enforcement Violations
Foundation Stabilization and Lifts, Structural Seismic Retrofits
Light Commercial, Storefronts, CMU Buildings
Types of Properties

Luxury residential properties in the United States as well as high-end luxury apartments in Germany. THI.Group will help you buy, sell and rent your commercial and residential properties anywhere in the world. Villas, townhouses, apartments, vacation homes, commercial offices, retail spaces, and plots.

THI.Group is a full-service Design&Drafting as well as structural engineering company, bringing expertise and quality to your project. We empower and assist you, the client, to design your project and make the best use and function for your space and financial capacity. THI.Group has extensive experience in the specialized area of structural design for tenant improvement projects. Tenant improvements require close attention to delicate interior details and constructability. In commercial buildings, tenants often require the facility to function in a new way. Our company provides code-compliant designs to enhance the tenant’s essential building function.

Sertico Engineering&Design specialists are providing flexible construction solutions with tailored professional and technical services. Quality testing from the initial design phase of a project right through to the construction phase. Sertico Engineering&Design accredited laboratories and a substantial fleet of equipment. Technical proficiency combined with engineering intelligence to deliver environmentally and commercially viable solutions.

Civil engineering, geophysics, survey, and computer-aided design and drafting (CADD)/geographical information systems (GIS). Sertico Engineering&Design can mitigate and manage all environmental impacts on your site. Our diverse Environmental Consulting teams include scientists, contamination specialists, and geotechnical professionals to cover all aspects of your ecological site management requirements.

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