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THI.Group serves all regions in the world. Currently, we have three major real estate development areas, including Germany, Mexico, and the United States.


In Germany, THI.Group makes purchases of apartments in the city center of Hamburg, and we renovate them to transform them into luxury apartments of category A+ on the scale of luxury comfort. Our teams in Hamburg achieve unparalleled performance and a requirement par excellence of project management. Transformation of the dream from the old to the future.

THI.Group invests in large-scale projects. Our investment policy is based on a budgetary orientation strictly respected according to the budgets of our investors.

In addition to a park with a golf course and lake, the properties themselves will be superbly maintained and will be in perfect harmony with nature. A unique blend of rich heritage and contemporary flair in its interior and exterior design. Villas will each have a unique architectural feature. All of them have large terraces and outdoor gardens offering magnificent views of the estate’s skyline.


In Mexico, THI.Group invests in the land on the edge of the beaches for a realization of luxury housing estates with dream villas. Our purchases of land (70.000m² – 150.000m²) of the subdivision are generally organized by local agents and the project management with the management of THI.Group in cooperation with our local subcontractors. The projects are very high-end on dream locations: Sea, Sun, Beach, and the beauty of Mexico.

The separate formal large-size living and dining room, guest shower rooms, and a large well-equipped kitchen with built-in appliances and a connected relaxation area are on the ground floor. The ground floor will also include two of the three private terraces, ample storage space, and a private employee room for staff or need an extra room. There are five to seven luxury bedrooms on the second floor, all with their bathroom and space “TOPOS”, which means in old Greek: an area adjoining the last private terrace. The grandeur of this be sized duplex penthouse villa cannot be exaggerated and is undoubtedly worthy of royalty, its furnished interiors, its location, and its collective amenities. Its unique technology. In the art of our know-how, our villas will have a unique system of technological development.


In Florida, THI.Group realizes the summit of the future of habitat. We will have the honor of promoting an exceptional palatial size housing estate to its royal amenities and chic and elegant style. The extraordinary luxury properties will have to be seen to be raw. It would be located in the most revered residential complex in Florida. The project has the real goal: a Dream Villa with unlimited potential.

You will talk to your villa, and your villa will accompany you in several services per option requested. The cutting edge of technology. THI.Group forms the emblematic horizon line of this popular destination. Centrally located to enjoy all the splendor of Florida, the residences will be one of the most beautiful available and enjoy an unparalleled reputation. There will also be a state-of-the-art gym, a swimming pool, and a collective and independent swimming pool for fitness and relaxation. It is the type of extraordinary luxury property you won’t want to miss. Contact us today to arrange a study.

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Marcxell Construction is a full-service construction management company dedicated to the successful completion of projects of all sizes. For the past 12 years, Marcxell Construction has strived to provide the highest quality services to its clients, ensure its team’s stability and security, and give back to the community around it.

Our goal is to be a true partner in your process, with the experience and reach of a large company and the accessibility of a small business.

Marcxell Construction is convinced that the cities of tomorrow will be built with and for their users. Play the basis for its strategy of being an overall urban operator. We took a look at this approach, in which collaborative working is the core of urban planning.

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